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About us

imageSeditex is a foreign investment company established in 2001 by Sedi S.A.Geneva. Sedi has been active in the apparel industry for over 30 years and present in the Indochina region (Vietnam-Cambodia-Laos-Myanmar) since 1989.

This region is a competitive source for a variety of products as its workforce is skilled and highly motivated. Because of a long seclusion from the open markets, there is still a lack of awareness of international quality and service requirements. Our aim is to fill this gap and provide you with the assurance that the goods shipped meet your requirement.

In addition we thrive at being pro-active and our inspections aim at preventing quality problems in addition to checking goods. Our inspectors are reliable and trustworthy, having worked several years with us.

We have inspected goods for following companies: Sears, Next, CT-textil, La Redoute, Daxon/Movitex, Sadas, SNER, Karstadt/Quelle, Mode & Preis,Prenatal, Auchan, La Blanche Porte, Daiei, Guppe Rustung, Aurora, Moonflower, C&A, INDITEX Pull & Bear, Shirt&Shirt, SRG and more.

We have assisted following companies is setting up their business in Vietnam & Cambodia: Dragon Sourcing, Crossworks, VFI, Shirt-by-Shirt, Netoptic, Redcorp, YDI.