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Hi, my name is Frank and I'd like to help you.

Here you see me, in red shirt, working with one of our clients. I look forward to working with you too, either in person, by Skype or email.

Chris is our marketing staff and usually the first point of contact. Schedule an appointment to Skype chat with Chris and he will listen to your needs and explain our services. Chris will give you his best advice and recommend an action plan. At that point you will speak with either Frank, Prem or Cedric depending on your needs our each persons strengths. I am strong in business consulting and factory design. Prem is strong in Apparel and Cedric is strong in non-apparel.

First we need to know basic information like are you a start up or are you an established brand? Are you sourcing apparel or non-apparel? Do you want to work directly with the factory? Which Seditex service interests you the most?

To get started, please use Calendly to schedule an appointment with Chris. He sets aside time each day for free initial consultations. Calendly keeps tracks of time zone differences and sends out reminders to you and Chris.
Frank working with customer

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Common Questions with Answers

Who are your customers?
Is Seditex working as an agent?
Where is your office?

Questions we will ask you

Why are you interested in Vietnam as opposed to China?
What is your company name?
What is your website address?
Do you have tech packs?
What quantity per style per color do you anticipate ordering?
Which Seditex service are you interested in the most?

Our Office Location

Visit us in Thao Dien



Mailing Address:
Hoang Anh River View A01-03
37 Nguyen Van Huong
Thao Dien, Quan 2, Ho Chi Minh 713000
Phone: +84 28 6272 0097

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