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QC & Audits: Apparel & Goods

Independent third party Quality Control or Quality Assurance services:

Random inspections


By default we use AQL system, but for long term contracts we can assimilate other methods.

3 phase inspections per order/style/shipment:

  • Pre-production: we scrutinize pre-production samples (or factory test runs products) and discuss our findings with the factory at a pre-production meeting. During that meeting the factory has to persuade our inspectors that they can control and avoid the defects found in the samples by implementing changes in their production methods and/or put additional specific in-line quality supervisors.
  • In-line inspections: at least twice during the course of the production, our inspectors randomly inspect the various stages of production as well as finishing and packing based on AQL method and report the findings.
  • Final inspection: based on AQL system, our inspectors check packed goods and verify all aspects of quality before shipment. Packing conditions, visual aspect, detection of defects, functional inspection (operate the moving/closing parts), measurement control, touch and smell.

For random inspections we use AQL system, but we can adjust to your standards.

100% inspections

We keep one or more inspectors in factory at all times, doing both in-line and final inspections.

Our staff will do 100% visual final inspection (every piece will be visually inspected by our crew before packing) and 10% measurements check on goods before packing.

This form of inspection is commonly used when dealing with new factories, factories that have a "poor record" or when the buyer does not feel confident about a factory's quality level.

Partial or "A la carte" inspections

If you require only final inspection, or re-inspection/sorting of a consignment or another specific requirement, we will try to accommodate your needs.

If you are willing to sign a long term contract (min 1year), we are willing to train our inspectors to follow your specific quality standards and methods. Kindly contract us to negotiate the terms.


Kindly contact us for competitive costing. We will quote you a price specifically for the service(s) you require.

Otherwise, our basic standard costings are:

  • For one time of occasional jobs: 250 US$/QC team/day (+transport +accommodation if required)
  • 100% inspection: we charge 3% to 5% of FOB export value (+ transport + accommodation if required).
  • For regular work all year long: 1% to 3% of FOB turnover based on export value of goods (+ transport + accommodation if required).

Transport: economy ticket with copy of invoice from travel agent will be sent as support of our invoices (HCM-Hanoi or Hai Phong is less than 250US$/person.

Accommodation: if provided by factory, no charge.

VAT: 10% to be added to invoices. Invoices issued punctually or monthly and payable within 7 days.


Compliance audits can be performed according to your required standards, otherwise we use following:

Social Audit (SA) / Code of Conduct evaluation SA8000 is globally applicable to all industries and provides a clear framework that ensures ethical responsibility. SA8000 evaluation is an important tool in developing a supplier or vendor Code of Conduct. During a Social Accountability evaluation, we investigate and respond to work environment issues in regards to conformance and nonconformance with the SA8000 criteria. After an evaluation is complete, we provide a comprehensive report documenting each accountability requirement, with noticeable attention paid to areas in need of improvement.

Cost is 700US$/evaluation. Plus transport costs or accommodation where required.

Factory audit (FA)

We verify that your supplier has the appropriate working condition, facilities, machinery, methods of a sufficiently high standard and a sound quality control system to meet the quality you demand. We will provide a qualified auditor on site to perform the evaluation.

We do everything necessary to make sure that your specifications are fully understood and that your quality control requirements are enforced. Part of the ISO 9000 standard and SA8000 standard will be used as the framework for evaluation.

Cost is 350 US$/audit plus transport costs or accommodation where required.

Labo tests

These are sub-contracted to certified laboratories in Vietnam, Singapore and/or Hong Kong.