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QC & Audits: Commodities & Food

Ship & Inspection

  • We are some of the most experienced accredited quality inspectors in Vietnam who have a great combination of knowledge and expertise. Our company is fully licensed in Vietnam and meets all international standards, and we have our own rice testing laboratory.
  • We have over 15 years of experience in inspection services and offer our customers the same quality standards as other companies at more competitive prices.
  • Our list of available services includes:
    • Agricultural products inspection
    • Petroleum and petroleum product surveys
    • Marine machinery equipment
    • Light industry, handicraft goods and material inspections
  • We charge $150-$250/QC team/day (additional charge for transport and accommodation might be required) for these inspection services.
  • We also offer risk management/ insurance due diligence review services performed by a highly experienced American expert.
  • Please view 2 case studies for inspection services of ADI.
  • These inspections are performed in cooperation with ADI.

Food, Rice Inspection

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