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With the fast rise of costs in China; the prospect to benefit from duty reductions thanks to the agreements between Vietnam/USA (TPP), Vietnam/EU (FTA) and ASEAN; a fast growing economy supported by international investments and local governments, Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar are the places to develop your business today.

Finding reliable factories matching your requirements is key.

Seditex, thanks to its long experience in these countries, has a strong network of factories all around Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar. Factories producing garments, shoes, backpack, furniture, home decor, cooking ware, table ware, bed linen, tools and more.

We are constantly at the lookout for new opportunities in the region and expanding our network and database of manufacturers.

Thanks to our good understanding of Western companies requirements and expectationswe can identify and recommend the ideal partnerscomplying with their social and safety standards, quality, capacity, reactivity, lead time, payment term…

We will introduce you to ideal suppliers to increase your opportunities and potential in Asia.